Driving the Future Practices Matter

Grantmakers align their values with their grantmaking for increased effectiveness, and meet practice ideals.

  • Philanthropy can—and should—be practical and idealistic at the same time. Without idealism, philanthropy wouldn’t exist. Without strong practices, it invites waste. But, when we connect the dots across knowledge, relationships, and systems, we improve grantmaking decisions and design. Then everybody wins, especially grantees.
  • To help philanthropy achieve its potential, we believe that PEAK Grantmaking will need to persuade grantmakers to elevate its work to a higher level. Taking on this role is a way that PEAK Grantmaking can express its field leadership. There is strong indication of member support for this direction with consistent practices reported as the third “most important function” of PEAK Grantmaking, behind formal and social learning.
  • With the 2017-2019 strategic plan, we’ll create field-wide conversations about values, practices, and practice ideals, all of which will lead us toward alignment on consistent grantmaking practices that funders can adopt and receive recognition for—extending the impact of grantmakers’ values.
  • Join us for this part of the journey:
    • Discuss how grantmaker values are (or should be) expressed in practices
    • Learn about compelling, evidence-based cases for ideal practices and leading your organization to adopt them
    • Help create a Commitment to Action for your organization that recognizes and celebrates your adoption of these practices and pledge to create better outcomes for grantmakers and grantseekers alike

Download the map to the future of grantmaking

Without this dialogue, without this thoughtful discussion, we grantmaking professionals risk straying from our missions and not serving our constituencies. With it, we’ll create a framework that incorporates shared values and identifies, organizes, and prioritizes ideal practices that bring more consistency to grantmaking. It’s a critical conversation, and I encourage you to take part in it.

Deena Lauver Scotti // Missouri Foundation for Health