Driving the Future Leadership Across Philanthropy

Practices, programs, and relationships are the strategic drivers of grantmaker success.

  • Practices matter. The decisions you make about the way you make your grants—processes, compliance, and policies—matter. They affect more than efficiency and effectiveness; they’re all about where you spend your time and energy. When you look at your practices as a whole, you’ll see the impact they have on the progress you and grantseekers make towards achieving your missions. PEAK Grantmaking wants practices as a strategic driver of grantmaker success to become a field norm.
  • To get there, in 2017-2019, we’ll increase the visibility and reputation of grantmakers focused on practices, so they emerge as trusted thought leaders in the field, and we’ll amplify conversations through practice champions.
  • We will improve our brand identity, which will frame grants management in completely new ways that are more consistent with how grantmaking is (and should be) positioned within grantmaking organizations.
  • Join us for this part of the journey:
    We will significantly expand our advocacy for the connection between how grants get made and successful grant outcomes by:

    • Attaining a higher level of visibility and stronger reputation among grantmaker executives. Look for us is the places and spaces where executives gather.
    • Becoming a trusted thought leader that partners, foundations, and executive-level decision makers rely on for information and opinions related to grantmaking practices. Listen for a much louder voice coming from PEAK Grantmaking, our members, and its leaders on practice-related issues impacting philanthropy.
    • Recruiting practice champions with existing broad and deep networks to amplify practice discussions in the field. Watch for familiar faces to add practices to their call for philanthropy improvement.

Download the map to the future of grantmaking

Our hope is to elevate our membership to the next level by empowering them to look beyond their current roles and responsibilities.

Christopher Percopo // The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust