About our Strategic Plan

Together, as leaders and experts, we are driving the future of grantmaking.

PEAK Grantmaking has mapped out key milestones for 2017-2019 toward our ultimate destination—ensuring philanthropy has grantmaking practices in place that maximize its impact on the people and causes served. This is our way of achieving the vision of an equitable world, in which people have the resources and opportunities to thrive.

Over the next three years, we will:

  • Bring more consistency to the field in how grants get made, connecting grantmakers’ values to their practices, prioritizing impact and outcomes over administration, and reducing costs for both grantmakers and grantseekers.
  • Ensure that grantmaking practices, and the people who manage them, are recognized for what and who they are—integral components of and contributors to grantmakers’ success.
  • Deepen the expertise of grants management professionals so you can lead your organizations in the adoption and implementation of effective practices.

We’re powering knowledge, advancing collaboration, and strengthening practice to realize philanthropy’s full potential to fuel change for good. We look forward to your continued participation in our vibrant community of grantmaking practice that advances shared learning across the sector as we continue our journey.

Download the map to the future of grantmaking

We are focused on reaching new heights and achieving our vision of an equitable world, and we are really excited about what the future holds.

Marc McDonald // AARP Foundation